The inner smile is an ancient Taoist method of deep relaxation and healing. This practice is done in a sitting position, feet on the ground, back straight, eyes closed. The basis of this relaxation-meditation is internal. The objective is to relax our body from the inside. It is therefore a practice of meditation that teaches us to get in touch with our internal organs, to learn to smile and to love them. With this practice, stress and negative emotions will be transformed into creative and healing abilities, which will increase the quantity and quality of your life energy (Qi). When the inside is relaxed, the outside relaxes as well.

According to the Taoists, the smile attracts and transmits the energy of love and joy which has the power to warm and heal. This inner smile practice is used to restore activity in the glands and organs and maintain them at a high level of performance, increasing self-awareness and feelings of personal strength and power.

This practice helps to reduce stress, tension and blockages in various organs. It puts us in contact with ourselves in a constructive and nourishing way. It allows us to check every day the state of our internal organs to give them a little time and sweetness and allow them to relax by thanking them for doing their respective work every second of the day, tirelessly.

This practice also helps to change one’s attitude towards oneself, to become more tolerant, warm, compassionate towards one’s limits, blockages, difficulties and the negative emotions of one’s organs. This is to help them function better and work in peace and keep us healthy.

It will also help us to increase the positive virtues related to each organ by gradually giving us more positive energy (resulting from the released negative energy), more inner relaxation and peace.

Inner smile allows us to get in touch with each organ and each part of the body and to observe without judgment, the emotions that are present, using the strength of the smile to help us turn the negative into positive. Rather than allowing negative emotions to accumulate in the internal organs and to turn into negative energies that in the long run will provoke illnesses in us, the inner smile teaches us to turn negative forces into positive forces and to be responsible for our emotions rather than being controlled by them. This is what the Taoists call “riding the dragon” or the emotional force.

Practicing the inner smile helps us to get in touch with our emotions as they arise; to come into contact with old pains, tensions, or repressed, forgotten emotions and to make the body-mind connection more closely.

The inner smile helps us to practice the positive virtues of joy, love, courage, kindness, openness to others, honesty, gentleness, etc … that we had at birth and in childhood and that we lost…But these positive virtues can emanate again from our organs if those are relaxed and healthy. That’s why you have to learn to smile at them. Smile!

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