Always  intrigued by nature and its secrets, passionate about natural healing and traditional medicines (such as Ayurveda or Traditional Chinese Medicine), about the human body and its functions, and always in search of new knowledge, I began to study Naturopathy in 2015.

Curious about the souls of plants and the energies of life, I combine  my passion for natural healing with energy healing. I love working with subtle energies, essential oils, plants and having a food-based approach to vitality and wellness.

I like this concept of  global and holistic approach to the body which aims to improve the state of overall well-being. It considers the human being as a whole: physical, mental, emotional, environmental, and aims to restore balance to the body by natural means.

Totally fascinated by the sacred feminine, I also integrate this aspect of mine in my daily routine and my work, and I found it to be not only beneficial but necessary in a woman’s life.

So what does “vegeta*ian” mean? It’s a mix between “vegetarian” and “vegetalian” (plant-based). I am a vegetarian (although rarely, I still do eat feta, egg, mayo, sour cream and honey) but ALL recipes/cosmetic formulas posted on this blog are vegetalian (or vegan). I don’t like tofu, tempeh, seitan, mushrooms, quinoa or anything soy based. But I am flexible and open to taste anything… I try my best to stay away from processed foods and cook everything from scratch, favoring fresh fruits and vegetables.